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Title: Free traffic is back

Online marketing takes so much time.

There’s always so much to learn… months on SEO Here… an entire bank account on PPC there… website building on the side…

And before you know it, you’re overwhelmed and have no clue where to go next.

Sound familiar?

I’ve found something that should help.  It removes the headaches of SEO and hefty costs that go with PPC.

You can send this traffic ANYWHERE. Whether you wanna use it for ecomm, T-shirts, CPA… it works on it all.

This is without the headache from FB’s annoying terms of service.

I thought it was BS too, but this software is so awesome it changed my mind.

Watch the video here:
(link to bonus page and video)

Talk more tomorrow,

Title: Viral Traffic Revolution?

I used to HATE paying for traffic.

When you first start, there’s just no way you can reliably grow your business if you’re having to pay hundreds of dollars on ads.

But… there’s a NEW viral revolution happening right now. And it’s leading to thousands of clicks for free by harnessing the power of contests.

These three ordinary guys have already used this to pull in over $40k with teespring…

But you can use it any way you want. Send people to ecom stores, send them to an opt in page, or a webinar page… the options are limitless.

You’ll notice most marketers don’t use paid traffic much anymore. That’s because they see the power of viral traffic and are able to harness it to its fullest ability.

This software gets you to their level using a massive shortcut.

I talked about it a little yesterday, but you really need to see the proof for yourself:

(link to bonus page)

My favorite thing about this is the real results.  A big problem with softwares lately is they overpromise
and then under deliver.

There’s nothing that pisses me off more than expecting one thing, and then getting a crappy, buggy, half finished software.

This one is different. It’s super polished, and the results it gets are undeniable.

Get all the details on my review here:
(link to bonus page)

I wanted to give you guys enough heads up on this so you could decide if it’s right for you. It goes live on the 29th at 11, and there’s a hefty discount if you can be here then. If you wait, then you’ll be looking at paying $50 more. Yikes!

Figured I’d let you know now so you can decide for yourself if this is right for you.


Title:  NOW LIVE:  Software made $40k…

The software I’ve been talking about for the last couple days is finally life.

See how they made over $40k from completely free traffic by using the power of contests:

(aff link)

See my review and bonuses here:

(link to bonus page / review video)

To recap:
-This is a software that allows you to harness viral traffic from Facebook.

-It works by putting together high quality contests, and then split testing the headline and image so you get the best possible combination and go viral for longer.

-You can send this traffic anywhere. They used this to make $40k with teespring without even paying to boost a post. It didn’t cost them a dime!

Send me a message if you have a question!

Title: How to make $40k from free traffic

It’s not every day you find a way to get thousands of clicks from free traffic.

It’s not every day that someone wants to show you how they do it.

All you need is this software and 15 minutes:
(aff link)

This software really stands out because it doesn’t involve Google, SEO,  or expensive paid ads.

FB literally does ALL OF THE HARD work for you here. And you can send this traffic anywhere you want.

Plus, they have massive proof. That means it’s something they’ve actually done rather than just dreamed up somewhere.

That seems to be a real problem these days, but not here. You have to see their traffic and conversion proof where they didn’t even spend a dime.

Yes, seriously.

Check it out, but try to hurry because the price goes up the longer you wait:



P.S. The price is going up soon. You can save over $50 by getting in now. I don’t like paying for expensive things either, but considering this works and you save a fortune on paid ads and time, it’s a no brainer.

Title:  Get 10k clicks for free

Remember the beginning days of FB? When ads used to be super cheap?

My problem with Facebook’s latest update is how expensive everything got. Ugh.

That’s why I don’t pay for ads anymore. I focus on free traffic that’s easy to get.

You can now get a ton of highly targeted traffic and send it ANYWHERE for free using this new plugin.

These highly ingenius marketers are using it for Tshirts, Ecommerce, CPA… their blogs… it’s a new FB traffic revolution.

I’m sure you know what I mean.

See how they’re doing it here… without the techy headache and without draining your bank account for a few sales. They made over $40k with teespring without spending a dime:




Title:  Build a Giant List for Free

It’s been said that list building is the BEST way to make a consistent income online.

And while that may still be partly true, it’s certainly not the fastest or easiest.

The problem with list building is it can take A LOT of money.

$1+/lead from Google… or crappy leads from Solo ads.

Until now.  These guys are building highly targeted lists / audiences from FB for free by using this new plugin. Then they’re going on to sell them w/ Ecommerce, CPA, Affiliate Marketing, T-shirts. You can really  do a lot of clever work with this traffic.

When you see this, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

See how this software is quickly building huge lists here:


Talk soon,


Title: PPC is Dead.

When you’re first starting out, you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on ads.

At least I didn’t…

That left me with two options:  Give up, or play the SEO game.

Neither of which I wanted to do.

Now, there’s a third option.

And all it takes is this software because they’re using contests to get thousands of clicks using viral traffic for free.

There’s no huge learning curve, no headache… you just set up a contest and bring in the clicks.

I thought it could be fishy too, but all the proof seals the deal.

They brought in $40k doing this without spending a dime.. They’re sending this traffic to shopify stores, tshirt stores, CPA, aff. Marketing…  you can send this traffic anywhere.

You can average tens of thousands in profits AND build your list at the same time.

See how here, but hurry because the price is rising soon: