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From the desk of Alex Costan & Mario Brown

Dear Online Marketer,

Facebook recently introduced a brand new feature allowing everyone to collect email subscribers on Facebook with just a single tab:

They're called Lead Ads, and they are pure GOLD !

And if you are into internet marketing - you are in for a treat.

This new feature is guranteed to slash your advertising cost IN HALF letting you tap into the hungry market that was previously unaccessible.

Even the mechanhism of this particular ad is such that you will be getting somenever-achieved-before conversions.

It literally removes all the friction between you and the visitor!

Facebook even pre-fills information like job titles, company names, relationship statuses and more, making the leads much more valuable than before.

There is just one problem… You can’t connect Facebook Lead Ads to your autoresponders – making the feature virtually worthless.

Guess what? That’s where ConnectLeads comes in.

ConnectLeads automatically submits all leads real-time into any autoresponder – making this the tool every Facebook advertiser & business owner is waiting for.

We had the chance to test this new app ... and did a small case study with it.

Take a look at our early results:

In one of the most competitive niches around, that is unheard of !

bulletpoint   Just to clarify, we're talking about 0.43 cents per Lead!

bulletpoint   For 11 bucks, we got 25 highly qualified leads!

bulletpoint   We're talking about 7% Click Through Rate!

bulletpoint   We're talking about 0.14 cents Cost Per Click.

Now please remember, theses are EARLY results and not every campaign will be that great but are those numbers promising or what?

We usually pay $1,50 to $4,50 for a qualified lead and sometimesup to $1,20 per click.

This is a REAL PRODUCT that you absolutely need ...

And that's exactly why we decided to GO REALLY HARD on this one ... With the best bonus package that's based on REAL RESULTS and that you've never seen before.

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Here's exactly what you get -

All sofwares are 100 % updated, supported and working with the latest wordpress version.




ConnectLeads is all about building your list FAST and to do that you need something amazing to give away.

Alex created 2 stunning InfoGraphics for you plus a report as well so that YOU can give them away to build your list FAST. THESE ARE 100% UNIQUE & EXTRA HIGH QUALITY ( NO PLR ) .

We've done a lot of listbuilding and helpful Infographics are awesome for that because they're specific, easy to digest AND helpful for the prospect.


Bonus 1 - REAL Fb Lead Ads Case Study

During this workshop we'll show you  exactly how we run Lead Ads, revealing everything from how to do it, cost, bidding and everything you need to know to get REAL RESULTS from your facebook lead ads almost instantly.

While other Facebook Marketers are struggling more and more …

And Reach decreases every day…

Our ads are getting more views,  cheaper clicks, likes, and OPTINS than EVER before…

And we are spending close to nothing on our Ads! That means during this workshop we'll show you how to use FB Lead Ads To:

bulletpoint  Drive traffic anywhere you like: TeeSpring pages, your own products, affiliate offers, squeeze pages, CPA offers, Amazon links, etc.

bulletpoint  Get thousands – tens of thousands of extra CHEAP LEADS.

bulletpoint  Stop shelling out cash on PPE ads, useless “Like” campaigns… and make more
money than ever before.

And this is most important…

You can now make real, life-changing money with your Facebook promotions.

Bonus 2 - Power EditorCrash Course

Using Facebook Ads Manager is fine if you’re just starting to advertise on Facebook, but soon you’ll want to graduate to a more effective, advanced way to manage your ads – the Facebook Power Editor.


Not only that but without PE you can't use Facebook Lead Ads!  The Facebook Power Editor is a free plugin that lets you bulk-edit your ads and a lot of other cool stuff you can’t do in the Ads Manager.

It’s optimized for Chrome, so avoid using it in other browsers.

Of course, there already are some great guides on how to use the Facebook Power Editor, but given the tool’s new and improved interface as well as Facebook’s new ad structure, I thought it would be useful to create a guide that explains how to use the Facebook Power Editor of 2015/2016.

In this Cras Course, I’ll give you an overview of the Facebook Power Editor, show you how to create an ad with it, and explain the perks of using the Power Editor over the Ads Manager ...

Bonus 4 - BuzzIgnition White Label Version

Building a software from scratch can easily cost you up to $10.000  or more ... That's a lot of MONEY! Especially if we're talking about a good quality one .

But you know what ?

Having your own software is worth even more than that ...

Think about it - we're selling it (personal rights) for $37 a piece. You could immediately combine this with ConnectLeads and make $10k+ or more in one week ... with no investment from your part.

Buzzignition comes with a BUILT IN "white label panel" that will allow you to easily Change the Logo, Change the name, Add & Manage Users, Create Packages at different Price Points  & sell them with few clicks of your mouse.

Instantly Double your ConnectLeads PROFITS with zero investment from your part. 

This is one of the BEST SOFTWARES we ever launched and we actually want to launch the white label rights version really soon too and the price of it will be $197 or more !

Find out more about it here -

Special Upgrade Bonuses
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Bonus 5 - CopyBuilder App

This software is currently being sold at $97/month

Every single thing you put out there...

A Facebook post, a facebook ad, an opt-in form, an e-mail, a
Webinar... and of course a sales page or a video script...

...that’s ALL sales copy, baby!

This is particularly hard on our students who are just starting out, who can’t invest thousands on something that MIGHT
convert.  So we’ve spent the last 11 months creating Copybuilder so that ANYONE can have insanely powerful sales copy
for next-to-nothing.

Our students have already flipped the Copybuilder switch to generate thousands of dollars in profit without having to
stress about a single word of copy.

Now we’re ready to give you the exact same fire power when you purchase ConnectLeads!

Your ENTERPRISE license to Copybuilder (available as a special today) includes

6 game-changing modules...

specially designed so you NEVER have to stress about writing a single word of copy again:


Tap into the world’s most successful Facebook ads, and have them generated to sell whatever you want!

Forget the months and hundreds of dollars you typically have to invest into testing, and harness the power to generate INFINITE profitable Facebook ads in minutes.

If you’ve been unsuccessful with Facebook ads, or if you’ve been afraid to try them, I know this will be a game changer for you.


Picture an elite Copywriter crafting each and every line of your sales page.

That’s what the Sales Page Framework is, but without the expense, time, and hassle of dealing with a copywriter.

Don’t worry about what to say... Don’t worry about what comes next... Don’t worry about calls to action...Don’t worry about benefits.

Just plug key info about your specific product into the Sales Page Framework and your top-converting copy will be created for you in seconds.


Everything you need to come up with headline packages that hook readers, get them glued to your sales page, and get them EAGER TO BUY.

If you’ve EVER STRUGGLED with a headline, then you simply need to see the power and elegance of the headlines framework... and get excited, because you’re never going to stress over writing a headline again.


Finally, you can take any freebie that you have on your hard drive, create a lead capture page that promotes it in about 5 minutes flat, and feast your eyes on 80% conversion rates and 500+ subscribers a day!

...and do it ALL with more ease than ever before.

No more hundreds of dollars invested into A/B split testing. Create effective landing pages like the experts and build a HUGE list of subscribers in a matter of days ...


Did you know that most people will scroll right to the bullet points on a sales page?

If they’re not written with the greatest care, you’ll lose.

But with this framework, stellar bullet points will be created for you FOR LIFE.


Raise value, get fans/followers/subscribers, and pre-sell ALL at the same time with done-for-you explainer video scripts.

These normally take work and some sort of expertise in an area, which is why only top marketers use them.

Now YOU’LL be one of the top marketers, even if you have no experience, because these Explainer Videos will do it all for you.


400+ Facebook Ad graphics that have been PROVEN to drive massive clicks, and that are

100% FB approved and in line with the Terms of Service. Combine these with the rest of the bonuses and ConnectLeads for your best performing ads ever.

These are not the usual PLR bonuses that you get everyday.

It's THE only Bonus that will actually help you MAKE MONEY with lead ads based on REAL results !

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